This is MAC3 used for computer Numeric control of CNC machines


A router  is a tool used to rout out (hollow out) an area in the face of a relatively hard workpiece, typically of wood or plastic. The main application of routers is in woodworking, especially cabinetry

National Science Week

NAAS Fly-In and Show and Shine

All welcome.

Field open from around 8:00am. on Sunday the 14 June 2015.

BBQ will start first thing with egg and bacon rolls.

Aim of the event is to fly and have fun as well as show off projects and obtain advice from fellow modelers on issues you may be having with your project

Large Scale Air Racing coming to NAAS 17-18 October 2015.

Large Scale Air Race Championship coming to Canberra at the NAAS field
17-18 October 2015.

Australian Large Scale Pylon Racing

Contact: Jeremy Randle 0418 390 446

National Electric Flight Rally 3-4 April 2015 at NAAS

National Electric Flight Rally 3-4 April 2015 at NAAS.

A spectacular night flying display was presented by NAAS members and the legendary Timitron

Thank you to all the participated , especially those that traveled vast distances, this was a very enjoyable and memorable event.You are all most welcome again.

Our Hobby, Our Sport, Our Passion (NAAS)

Please view this youtube clip,

This is a slide show showing the icons of NAAS.



NAAS MAMMOTH FLY IN 20 21 22 November 2015

1/3 Sopwith Pup

Australian Electric Flight Association NEFR 2015 Canberra NAAS

NAAS Mammoth Scale Fly-In, Featuring WW1 aircraft (27 Feb - 1 March 2015)

War Memorial Visit UPDATE:

Please meet outside the Treloar Warehouse at 8-10 Callan St, Mitchell Canberra ACT at 2:30 on Friday 27 Feb.

It is the Flemington Rd end of Callan St. Meet under the awning as per the right hand side of the image below:

NAAS hosting Glider Competition ( 1,2 November 2014)

Glider comp 1,2 Novembers 2014

The National Aeromodelling and Aviators Society are hosting a  Glider Competition / Fun-Fly

National Science and Technology Week (16th August 2014)

The National Aeromodelling and Aviators Society will  be displaying 1/3 size model aircraft  as part of the  Science and technology week at the Australian National University.

We will also be showing how we use Computer aided design and computer aided manufacture techniques in Aeromodelling : ie 3D plastic printers., laser cutters   ect...

Saturday August 16th 2014  10:00 am to 4:00pm
At Melville Hall canberaa ACT


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