We are Flying most weekends from around 9:00am til 3:00pm depending on the weather.

Flying also during  week day depending on who is free.

NAAS holds several major events during each year.

Picture below is an interstate Visitor after enjoying a great days flying, relaxing before being served roast Lamb and Roast vegetables for dinner at the field.

Once the sun goes down the night flying can start.

The beauty of NAAS, Another flying day over



All visitors to the NAAS facilities are bound by the N.A.A.S rules and by-laws.

NAAS is associated with the MAAA and all MAAA procedures and policies are to be followed.

At the NAAS facilities the operation of all model aircraft is subject to the requirements of the MAAA Manual of Procedures as well as CAR Part 101.

The individual operator of a model aircraft is responsible for his/her compliance, and his/her model’s compliance with CAR Part 101 and also with all MAAA rules as required by the MAAA Manual of Procedures.

Visitor types:

  1. Public visitor.
    1. Passing  visitor
    2. Invited  visitor
  2. Approved Flying Visitors
    1. Flying visitors
      1. Events.  
      2. Instruction/training.
      3. Test flights.
      4. Social

Example: Scout groups, rotary groups, car clubs ect.

Passing Visitors: Are member of the public who have signed the  N.A.A.S visitor book. They must stay within the visitor area unless escorted by a member.


Invited Visitor: are members of the public that are invited  through public invitation such as radio or newspaper marketing. Public Visitors are only allowed when N.A.A.S is holding  an Approved Flying Display (CASA,MAAA,ACTAA Display). As such they are bound by the approved Display Procedures.


are members of a special interest groups that have been  invited by and approved by the committee.

example:  Scout groups, Rotary groups, car clubs ect.

Flying Visitor

  • Associate members of the MAAA  are allowed to come and fly at our field and use the facilities for a fee of $10.00 per day.
  • Visitors without insurance are allowed to fly up to 4 time,  they must sign the visitors book and abide by the MAAA and the club rules and procedures.

Please contact us by email at or phone 02 62312200 to ensure that some one will be there.


Approved Flying Visitor :  is a person that has been previously approved by the committee members and is listed on the Approved Flying Visitors List.

Approved Flying Visitors are allowed to come as many times a year as they like.

The  Approved Flying Visitors list is to be maintained by the committee and regularly reviewed.

               An approved flying visitor must as a minimum:

  • Have Gold wings or be of Gold wings standard. (NAAS has qualified Instructors and can assist you achieve your wings if required)
  • Must abide by the NAAS club rules and By-laws.
  • Pay $10.00 per day fee.
  • Ensure that a member will be present to provide access to the field.


  • or/ Have submitting an event registration form to  attending an organized activity at the N.A.A.S.