NAAS hosting Glider Competition ( 1,2 November 2014)

Glider comp 1,2 Novembers 2014

The National Aeromodelling and Aviators Society are hosting a  Glider Competition / Fun-Fly

1 November ( Saturday )  EOT  electric old timers
2 November ( Sunday )     F5J  and Foamy - Fun Glider

Rules for "foamie and Fun" glider competition.
The intention of this is to have an event in which flyers can use simple,
inexpensive electric gliders in a low stress, fun type competition, with a
minimum of rules.

Less experienced pilots will be encouraged and assited  to participate.

Entry fee is $20:00 per day (entry covers as many aircraft as you can bring)

BBQ will be running and drinks will be available.

1) Gliders that are eligible for the comp are popular foam ones such as
Radians, Easyglider and similar three and four channel glider with a
wingspan of two meters or less . Also allowed are built up models from kits
or ARF's using traditional balsa construction.
Not allowed are more expensive composite models with extensive carbon fibre
The contest director will decide a particular model's eligibility, in in

2) Batteries are limited to a maximum of three cells.

3) Gliders will be launched simultaneously on a countdown and start

4) The motor run time is fifteen seconds.

5) The maximum flight time is five minutes and the score attained will be
one point for each second, giving a maximum score of three hundred. Timing
will start from when the gliders are launched.

6) After the five minute maximum flight time expires, two minutes is allowed
to land the glider. Pilots landing after seven minutes from launch will
score zero for that round.

7) If two or more equal highest scores result at the end of the competition,
a fly off will be held to decide the winner.

Please feel free to contact NAAS    by email if you have any questions

Link to AEFA Rules Library  for November NAAS glider comp