NAAS News is good news

F1 remote control  turn indicators are well under way for the Canberra Air racing


Kitchen shelves to help with keeping the place organised.

Even cup for the 13 dwarfs.


Every one keeping warm around the fire


Dinner at NAAS in style

Road base project to stop the vehicles getting bogged, very one pitched in and great job. CERTIFICATION

Congratulations to:

      Ricky Twiss for being awarded his Bronze wings.

      Well done Ricky, Ricky is our youngest member and he is flying like a champion.

      All Ricky wants for Christmas is an IMAC aircraft.

      Ricky has perfected the landings  and many other skills (He would put a few pilots to shame)



The NAAS committee,   while they are big boys (9' 6"), eat a lot and look very scary , they are actually a very friendly bunch.

Feel free to drop in.



Marketing Aeromodelling in ACT (Terribly British Day 2015)



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Well done,  great effort has gone into a complete mow of the field to kick of the 2015 flying season.

This is part of the preperations for holding  the following event at the NAAS field.

Australian Electric Flight Association



Canberra Easter 2015

I have been flying for over 20 years and I am not sure if it can get any better than this.

 We are glad we  purchased a very big mower.





If you can not  land here,  you should not take off.

The main problem is deciding where to put the aircraft down as anywhere will be just fine.


Who mowed the strip over 100 meters wide???  (Was this for the Presidents WW1 aircraft  ?)

You can see the field to the right of the wind brake and main strip in the photo below.

We have started clearing this for another facility dedicated to gliders and float planes







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17 of July 2015

Chris has been busily making 4 dining table for the NAAS club.

These will be fantastic for when we have our events.

Last dinner we had 11 legs of lamb on the spit, now we will have solid tables to site our patrons at as they get served the banquet.

I think Ross is going to help out with the table tops.