Interesting NAAS videos

NAAS Mammoth Fly-In November 2016
Very very very very very very fast electric gliders
NAAS link to F5B David Hines  Memorial  event held  on the  27-28-29 November 2015
Naas Link to the Photos album of the Mammoth Fly-In
Youtube slide show
NAAS MAMMOTH FLY IN 20 21 22 November 2015


Videos of NAAS Mammoth Fly-In


Maiden flight of 1/3 Scale Sopwith pup

NAAS ANZAC weekend 2016


NAAS Large scale Aero Tow at NAAS 2017

NAAS Large Scale Airacing at NAAS 2017

NAAS F5J 2017


NAAS Mammoth Fly-In 2017