To find the field just follow the Rainbow


Current Facilities at the N.A.A.S field

 1. Easy access to field from N.A.A.S road (Purpose build entrance)
2. 180 meter flat,  grass air strip.
3. Several very large open flying area’s.

Aircraft can land on flat ground anywhere on the field if required.

4. No obstacles within flying area.
5. Over 1000ft from any roads.
6. No enforced noise restrictions.
7. 1000ft minimum height
8. Slope souring  and thermal gliding locations.
9.  Prevailing wing non turbulent and straight up the strip.
10. Large Pit area
11. 7 x Trees shading the pit area (7-8 meter plane trees)

12. Hot shower facilities.

13,. Toilet facilities at the feild.
14. Close to Canberra, 8 Kms from Tharwa bridge.
15. Shop located at Tharwa  township (General store.)
16. Public toilets at Tharwa visitors center 7 Kms from field.
17. Club house .
18. Pit and spectator shade facilities.

19. Flight control box

19. BBQ facilities.

20. Camping and bunkhouse dorm rooms that sleep 8 people in each. There is a bathroom and toilet attached to the rooms. (These are located 7km from the field at Outward bound see accomodation tab for more details)

21. Small local shop at Tharwa approx 8 kms.








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Initial field area June 2013.

The foundations of a dream.




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Planting of the Squadron of plane trees  for Pit and spectator shade.

1 meter by 1 meter and one meter holes had to be dug in 40 deg heat.

The trees toom a lot of watering.

1000 litre at a time.

These are 8 meter Paln trees and will offer great shade in the years to come

January 2014

Heavy Machinary



This is how it is done


Some hard stuff here


How many does it take to dig a hole??

Dave hard at work




The first N.A.A.S BBQ (no sausages) kindly provided by Tim







Photos taken by Stan on Sunday 16 Feb 2014 after some heavy rain.

These photos are about 3 weeks after the trees were plantes












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Proposed field layout


Proposed Club house and viewing/shade area




N.A.A.S Office is the same but with the door the other way around



Concept of internal facilities:- What do you think?


Pits/ Shade area

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We have NAAS HQ 28 of February 2014

Layout version



Delivery by sheds are us











Forman checking alignment to with +/_ one micron



This will just need a womans touch



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This is how we start the working day at N.A.A.S.

The conditions at N.A.A.S can be pritty difficult to get used to.

It has taken these two several seconds.




Shade and viewing platform taking shape

What a vista, Hasta la vista



Flight control tower going in.

The framing will be remove providing a viewing platrform and shade area.

BBQ area being positioned

I'm Love it. The Genie nodds and it is all done.  No "Communication" needed here"

Only  out by 0.5 mm


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Front view still with intenal not removed








I think there is enough room to land a 380 Air bus




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New color scheme for the shade area at the NAAS facility




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Dave loves to Wow it, Mow it.

You can also see the NAAS weed spraying apparatus being tested.


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Freshly mowed strip, 2 February 2015

You can just see Stan in the middle of the 100 meter wide strip, he is just a dot

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